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Progsite: Put your service business online

Progsite: Put your service business online

🤔 Why business may need this?

This web application is useful if you have a service business like a veterinary cabinet, auto shop, beauty salon, barber shop or other service business where people come to you in-person to fix an issue.

🚀 Features

You can get more clients - you'll get a website, people may choose you instead of a business with no online presence.

You don't need to be available all the time on the phone to make appointments - clients can make an appointment on your website after your working hours.

📷 Some screenshots

All the text and images can be changed just by filling the website section form. No drag-and-drop, choose color etc. It can be done from the mobile phone!

  • 💵 One-time purchase of 200 Euro for the web application.
  • ♻️ Recurring costs: domain and hosting.

If you purchase this software I will be available to fix any unforeseen app bugs that I may missed.

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