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We'll help you bring more value
to your customers.

Enhance your business by integrating custom software solutions. Save time, money, resources, increase accuracy of your business processes and maybe 10x your ROI.

The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.

(Grady Booch)

We offer the following services:

Business Automation

Together we can identify business processes in your organization which can be improved with software.

SAAS Development

We can help you build your next disruptive web application. We use the following tech: Python, Typescript, Go.

App Integrations

Sometimes what you need is already built. We can help you find and integrate available software in your organization.

We can help you achieve your objectives!

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Business Automation

Any repeatable, "robotic" and long term business process slows down your operations and your revenue. No matter the domain of your business if it involves doing work on a computer some of the tasks can be automated.

Here are 5 questions to ask about your business processes:

  • - Does the process "feel" robotic?
  • - Are we moving and transforming data from one tool to another?
  • - Do we do most of our work in Microsoft Office (ex: excel, outlook), SAP, and/or other internal applications?
  • - Is it a daily process that we need to do for at least a year?
  • - Is it a one-time task that will take a ton of manpower to complete?

SAAS Development

We can execute custom web applications in the following technologies: Python with FastAPI and MongoDB, Typescript with React, Drizzle ORM, PostgreSQL, Go with GoFiber and PostgreSQL, AI integrations, external API integrations - any CRUD data oriented web application.

Here are some principles that guide us:

  • - Simple is better than complex;
  • - Done is better than perfect;
  • - Fast iterations;
  • - Continous comunication;
  • - Honesty (you won't be in an echo chamber with us).

App Integrations

There is an tremendous amount of software already built. Each one of them with its pros and cons. Before embarking in creating custom software solutions is wise to investigate if existing solutions can be implemented in a business process. We can help you identify them.

Here is some free consulting:

  • - Excel with VBA can do a lot - identify team members that are proficient in excel;
  • - Excel is also pretty easy to break and hard to maintain - offer your team the posibility to automate their work. Install on their working machines vscode + python with some popular libraries (offer bonuses on each automated task);
  • - No-code, AI is great, but have their limits. Make sure you don't get vendor locked-in for mediocre solutions;
  • - Make surveys in your organization on how people think business processes can be improved. Don't ask just managers;
  • - If you don't improve your business processes, others will and that will impact your future contracts.

Ok... how does this work?

Below are the steps we'll take if you decide to collaborate with us.


Send us your email and a message in which you describe the area in your business which you think we can be of help. It can be business automation, app integrations or SAAS development.


We will contact you with some possible solutions we can implement and an estimate of price and time frame in which we can integrate them in your business.


We'll create a kickoff meeting in which we establish all the projects objectives, timeline, deliverables, budget and success metrics.

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