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SopDocs: Standard operating procedure software

SopDocs: Standard operating procedure software

🤔 Why business may need this software?

Having a single source of truth on how employees can acomplish tasks they are assigned is essential for any company. Keeping documentation in Word documents may work for if there are not that many business processes that need to be documented. When the company has many business processes keeping track of them in word documents becomes difficult. Here is where a SOP software comes in handy.

🔬 Self diagnosis

Let's do a little bit of investigation in your company. Try to see if you can answer positively to the questions below.

Can any employee of your company jump on a new project without assistance?
With a well-documented process anyone should be able to jump on a new project and be productive from day one just by following the company's documentation. If the company doesn't have budget for a specialized SOP software at least having on a sharedrive some word documents holding the documentation should ameliorate this hurdle.

Does the tasks accomplished by your employees end up with many errors?
Employees come and go. For a new employee relying only on training provided by someone with more experience is not sufficient. A new employee should be able to consult documentation on the tasks he is assigned to without slowing down with questions the employees which are more experienced. This doesn't apply only to new employees! A good documentation keeps in sync the team on how they can do their job well.

Can you onboard a new team do to the same tasks easily?
With a proper documentation you should be able to scale your business more easily. Word documents are not scalable. Employees in order to be efficient need to be able to find the information they need fast. Think of it like Google Search Engine for your business processes.

🤖 A take on SOP with Arificial Intelligence with LLM's like OpenAI (ChatGPT)

AI/LLM's are expensive and not 100% realible!
LLM's like OpenAI's ChatGPT just predict the next word in a sentance based on the huge ammount of data they were train on (the whole open internet). LLM's are handy for small tasks here and there, but they are not to be used in processes where you need to be precise. I tried to create this article with ChatGPT, it was terrible. The article contained word for word sentences from other articles I found on the internet with verbose and nonsense sentences. I'm sure you noticed this as well.

💡 Our Solution

A simple cost-effective SOP software which will enable your team to raise your business to new heights!
If your company has the required infrastructure and team to self-host this web application you will just pay for the zip archive containing the source code (one-time purchase). Another solution is to use an existing cloud provider like Akamai (for predictable pricing) - I will assist you in deploying this app in cloud (if you want of course).

⚙️ How it works?

First, add users. The user can have different roles. The Regular user can view and vote the SOP. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) can write SOP's and view statistics. The Admin user can in addition to the Regular and SME user add new users in the application.

add users to sop software add users to sop software

Now, that you have some users (employees) in the app you can start creating standard operating procedures. Just click "ADD SOP" button and fill the form. In the 'Procedure steps' section you have a small text editor. You can make the SOP Private (only those with account can view it) or Public (anyone can view the SOP). Click "Save & View" button to view the SOP live. And, delete to delete the SOP.

create SOP

Here is the search page for SOP's. Tags will be automatically created from SOPs thus providing easy search by topic.

search standard operating procedures

Here is an example of an written SOP.

view SOP

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) on his account page can see All the SOP's and their number of views, ratings (what users voted) and other information which can help the SME to create new sops (based on searched queries Tab Search Archive) update existing SOP's (based on Ratings - negative number means the SOP needs to be improved).

subject matter expert sop page

😁 That's it!
If you discover repetetive processes that can be automated don't hesitate to contact me. Together we can automate almost any repetetive task you may have in your company.

  • 💵 One-time purchase of 3000 Euro for the web application zip archive (you deploy it)
  • 💵 One-time purchase of 4500 Euro for the web application zip archive (I will help you deploy it)

If you purchase this software I will be available to fix any unforeseen app bugs that I may missed.

We can help you achieve your objectives!

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